Ich danke dir von ganzem Herzen für unsere Begegnung ❤ Glenda

„Du hast uns alle verzaubert, und zutiefst berührt. Dein Gesang ist ein Geschenk des Himmels und erreicht Ebenen, die namenlos und heilig sind, DANKE!“ – Karin

„Im pleased to serve yoga with live music from the very special Glenda who sings from her heart. You must get to work with her if you are a yoga teacher, serve any mindful events would open everyone’s heart for sure, or just be at one of her Konzert. I’m feeling honoured.“ – dOra flOw

„Danke liebe Glenda für dein Sein, dass du deine Stimme mit uns geteilt hast – dass du uns alle berührt hast mit deinem Geschenk! Lass dein Licht leuchten und berühre noch ganz viele Menschen! Du bist ein Geschenk!“ – Karin

„Thank you so much Glenda for your contagious passion! I’m not a singer at all and I was quite sceptical but you succeeded to make me love the mantras from the first 5 minutes of the course ! I will continue to sing… even with false notes !“ – Marrion

„Du berührst mich mit deiner Stimme und Musik jedes Mal.“ – Mona Lisa

„Ich kanns nicht oft genug sagen liebe Glenda… deine Stimme trifft mich mitten ins Herz und verzaubert mich immer wieder aufs Neue! Danke! – Muminski (Bettina)

„Ich bin sowas von verzaubert! Vielen lieben Dank!“ – Nicole

„Glenda it was a pleasure having you as a mantra teacher. Thanks to you I discovered that it’s something that I enjoy and I will keep practicing in future. Thanks.“ – Mariella

„I don’t even know how to start this review but I’ll try my best.
Glenda is such an amazing person, her energy is so loving that you can’t help but feel comfortable with her presence. I consider myself lucky to have been able to spend so much time with her and to be able to enjoy her voice almost on a daily basis.
Her voice still gives me goosebumps (the good ones) every time I hear her sing.
Her passion, love and dedication to study mantras are inspirational and her feeling for them makes it easy for anyone to enjoy singing mantras. I can’t recommend her enough. Just listen to her and you will want to sing mantras all day, I know I have been having them in my head all the time. Thank you so much for everything and I feel so lucky to have our paths cross“ – Romina