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Asankh Jap - Glenda Laila (Za Rah Kumara & Shanti Manpreet Cover)
Freedom is defined, interpreted, felt in such different ways.
I personally feel that freedom is something we can only give ourselves. We have a free and we can DECIDE over and over again. This is for me the key to freedom. No matter in which life situation one is. We can give ourselves freedom by breaking our self-imposed shackles. This can be on a grand scale, but often it happens on very subtle levels.
This may not always be easy, but the more you take responsibility for your own life (and at the same time also let yourself be guided by your higher self) instead of getting stuck in blame and victim thinking, the more miracles happen ✨💛✨
🍂What does freedom mean for you?🍂
I am light - Glenda Laila (India Arie Cover)
☀️ Soak in all the light and let it shine brightly ✨
Devi Puja - Glenda Laila (Krishna Das Cover)
🌹 I wanna know what Love is 🌹

I welcome Pure Divine Love into my heart and into every cell of my body.
I embody Love in its Purest Form.
I serve Love.
I let the powerful Light that I am shine free and radiant.
Lightness and playfulness infuse every aspect of my life.
I love myself.
I love you.
May we venture into this new timeline with ease and joy.
These Walls - Glenda Laila (Nessi Gomes Cover)
This is a song that moved me deeply so many times. I felt heard and seen in my deepest valleys 🖤
And this summer I had the pleasure to hear and feel the song live by @nessigomesmusic 🙏🏽 Her voice and music are even more amazing live 🖤 Thank you Nessi for sharing your gift.

Even though right now I’m in a very flowy state of life where I feel light and at peace, I know too well how it feels to be stuck and trapped in old patterns and walls. And it’s likely that I will feel that way again from time to time, growth isn’t linear.

So this is my invitation for you to be gentle with yourself. If you’re feeling stuck and trapped, listen to this song and allow yourself to feel the pain. If you feel light and blissful, enjoy this song by giving yourself credit for how far you’ve come.
Or, just do whatever you want ;-).
Sunset Codes - Glenda Laila
Sunset codes to wash away what doesn’t serve you, to remember you’re held and nourished by sun and earth – feeling deep-rooted trust, to feel the lightness of your being ☀️🌬️💧
Seelengesang mit Koshi - Glenda Laila
Soul Singing from the heart. Close your eyes and listen with your heart.
One of us - Glenda Laila & Giuli Stella (Joan Osborne Cover)
What if God was one of us?🌟
Ein Duett mit meiner talentierten Schwester Giulia💛
Mit ihr zu singen ist so eine Freude und ich bin so dankbar für sie😘
Playful soulsinging - Glenda Laila
Playing with human-made landscapes and creating soundscapes 🌈😊